Quantum Vibes

Website:         www.quantumvibes.com

Email:             staff@quantumvibes.com

Phone:              250.304.1899

Location:           1464 Columbia  Ave

                        Castlegar BC

                        V1N 3K3

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                        Hours of Operation 

Sun               Closed

Mon               8:30 AM to 4:30PM

Tues              10:00  AM to 6:00PM

Wed               8:30  AM to 4:30PM

Thurs             10:00   AM to 6:00PM

Fri                 8:30   AM to 4:30PM

sat                 Closed


                        Oxyhealth Canada

Website:          www.oxyhealthcanada.com

Email:              staff@oxyhealthcanada.com

Phone:              250.304.1899

Location:           1464 Columbia Ave

                        Castlegar BC

                        V1N 3K3